Everyday is an opportunity to be a healthier, stronger, happier, better version of yourself. It is our job to ensure that you look good and feel good at every step.

Are You Killin' It?

KILLIN IT means getting up everyday even when you don't want to, and FIGHTING for your goals...why? Because you deserve them


Quality DURABLE gear. Style on point. Great customer service.

Dennis Brooks

My weight and healthy lifestyle journey has been up and down throughout the years, but at each part of the journey, I have clothes that makes me push, clothes that makes me feel good.  Swolemate Apparel doesn't sell clothes, they sell a feeling.

Nikeisha Guscott, CEO, Temperature by Nina

The quality and service I have experienced so far is simply amazing! SMA Rocks!!!!!

Conroy Thompson

I like the the fact that it is customizable to each persons liking.

Kamiele Codling